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Re: Has anyone actually built emacs 21.3 for SOLARIS (sparc)?

From: David Combs
Subject: Re: Has anyone actually built emacs 21.3 for SOLARIS (sparc)?
Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 05:28:17 +0000 (UTC)

In article <address@hidden>,
Dave Uhring <address@hidden> wrote:
>On Thu, 22 May 2003 15:06:10 +0000,
> wrote:

>> _ AFAIK, autoconf doesn't know how to set these things. You
>>   either have to write your own hacks to or use the
>>   generic libtool solution. Libtool was written to solve exactly
>>   this problem. 
>/tmp/emacs-21.3/src/Makefile generated with $LDFLAGS=""
>LDFLAGS= -L/usr/openwin/lib
>X11_LDFLAGS = -L/usr/openwin/lib
>LIBX= $(LIBXMENU) $(X11_LDFLAGS) $(LIBXT) -ltiff -ljpeg -lpng -lz -lm -lXpm 

Since I uses csh, I made a  file env.source:

setenv LDFLAGS '-L/usr/openwin/lib'
setenv X11_LDFLAGS  '-L/usr/openwin/lib'
setenv LIBX '$(LIBXMENU) $(X11_LDFLAGS) $(LIBXT) -ltiff -ljpeg -lpng -lz -lm 
-lXpm -lX11'

, and then said "source env.source", and then "env", and got:

LIBX=$(LIBXMENU) $(X11_LDFLAGS) $(LIBXT) -ltiff -ljpeg -lpng -lz -lm -lXpm -lX11
110 ==/david3/from_netcom-dir2/sources-stuff/emacs-21.3==> 

as the final three lines.

Look ok to you?

>Note that the -R/usr/openwin/lib linking argument does not exist.  Neither
>does -L/usr/sfw/lib and hence /usr/ccs/bin/ld is NOT going to find
>, or, let alone provide the required
>run-time link paths.
>Now export LDFLAGS properly and run configure again.  

I think (maybe wrongly, for sure!) that csh has no export cmd,
nor(?) needs one?

Oh, better do a "make clean", I suppose, first.

>The src/Makefile now has:
>LDFLAGS=-L/usr/openwin/lib -R/usr/openwin/lib -L/usr/sfw/lib -R/usr/sfw/lib 
>X11_LDFLAGS = -L/usr/openwin/lib
>LIBX= $(LIBXMENU) $(X11_LDFLAGS) $(LIBXT) -ltiff -ljpeg -lpng -lz -lm -lXpm 
>The build time linker will now not only find the required libraries but
>will place the library search path within the resultant binary executables.
>Libtool had nothing to do with it.
>[emacs-21.3]$ grep libtool *

Here's what I ended up with in that src/Makefile:                               
LDFLAGS=-L/usr/openwin/lib -L/usr/openwin/lib                                   
X11_LDFLAGS = -L/usr/openwin/lib                                                
LIBX= $(LIBXMENU) $(X11_LDFLAGS) $(LIBXT)         -lXpm  -lX11                  
Note that my libx is a lot shorter than yours; I guess I'll ltry
making it this way first, then worry later about those other


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