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Re: mp3play.el 0.6.3, a front-end for mpg321

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: mp3play.el 0.6.3, a front-end for mpg321
Date: 22 May 2003 10:23:53 -0400
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[ Please set your followup-to: header ;-) ]

> If there is a more elegant way to emulate the missing
> substring-no-properties, please tell me ...

I don't think so.

> (defvar mp3play-dirlist nil "List of the directories containing the mp3s for 
> mp3play.")
> ;; Thanks Joe Drew for this info ...
> (defvar mp3play-player '("mpg321" "--skip-printing-frames=100") "Program to 
> use to play mp3s, with options.")
> (defvar mp3play-cleanup-filename 'mp3play-native-cleanup-filename "The 
> function to clean up the filenames before displaying them.")
> (defvar mp3play-file-filter "\\(mp3\\|og[gm]\\)$" "Regexp used to keep files 
> to show.")

This is painful to read on my 80-column window :-(

> (defun mp3play-help () (interactive)
>   (message "RET:Play  p:Pause  a:Auto-mode  h:This help  i:Show tune 
> informations  k:Kill  q:Bury  g:Import list  \
> N:next tune  P:previous tune  \
> s:Stop  t:Insert title  <S-left>:Fast backward  \
> <S-right>:Fast forward  <S-up>:Carry up  <S-down>:Carry down  +:Volume up  
> -:Volume down"))

And this plain doesn't show up in its entirety in my minibuffer because my
minibuffer is not resizable and it only ever shows a single line.


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