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Re: Need help getting started with GNU Emacs/ILISP for CMUCL

From: Wesley Parish
Subject: Re: Need help getting started with GNU Emacs/ILISP for CMUCL
Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 00:11:31 +1200
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Adam Warner wrote:

> Hi Burton Samograd,
>> David Steuber <address@hidden> writes:
>>> I am running Debian (unstable branch) and am trying to get started with
>>> Graham's ACL book.  If you just start up lisp and type (help), CMUCL
>>> kindly tells you that you deserve to loose.
>> Check this site for pointers on running cmucl on linux with emacs and
>> ilisp:
> David said he is running Debian sid. Start Emacs. M-x cmulisp and he's
> running CMUCL in Emacs using ILISP.
> Regards,
> Adam

Now that is useful knowing.  I'm an emacs user, and have just started 
fooling around with lisp, using indifferently CLISP and CMUCL - I like 
CLISP's command line editing BTW - send flames to /dev/null - and I was 
wondering how to make use of either in emacs ...

A big thank you!

Wesley Parish

First the wife, tone of awe.  So much a condition.  Kent in the labs, fast 
forward.  "So how was the worthlessful businessman?"  But they hadn't 
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