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ispell and emacs

From: Alexander Nikolov
Subject: ispell and emacs
Date: 22 May 2003 02:57:19 +0000
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I installed a Bulgarian dictionary for ispell and tried to make it
work under emacs too, but it is acting somewhat strange. What I added
in my .emacs file was:
;;ispell Bulgarian
(load-library "ispell")
(setq ispell-dictionary-alist 
"bulgarian")nil cp1251) 

Sometimes it seems to work nice and sometimes it doesn't(which is the
more frequent case). If I don't put a string of latin letters in the
beginning of the buffer, ispell reports that the spell-check is
finished (without reporting errors), no matter what terrible mistakes
I've made. Actually I even think that things work correctly only when
I put a number of latin letters in front of each misspelled word- then
both the word and the latin string are reported as incorrect.
ps Ispell is working correctly with '-d bulgarian' when started from
the command line.

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