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Re: Tab stops in perl mode broken?

From: Edward O'Connor
Subject: Re: Tab stops in perl mode broken?
Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 12:37:16 -0700
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Hey Johnny.

> Well, what I'd actually like from an editor would be partial
> syntax-driven inedentation. That is, hitting tab once puts the tabs
> where emacs thinks they outght to be, and subsequent tab requests bump
> everything over one tab. I'd also love it if there was *never* a time
> when I hit a button and nothing happens.

Well, that shouldn't be so hard to hack up. See the variable

> And I'll have to do this on every host, right? There's no way to have
> a single emacs config file to serve a whole network?

I keep mine in CVS (along with the rest of my dotfiles). This seems to
be Good Enough For Me in this regard.


Edward O'Connor

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