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How to edit with forms-mode a table from MySQL?

From: R. Readi
Subject: How to edit with forms-mode a table from MySQL?
Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 18:41:04 +0200

Dear Sirs!

I have a table exported from a database (I think MySQL) and want to edit
it with emacs forms-mode. Although this should be a very usual thing, I
dont think I can do it without some (more or less trivial) elisp
programming. I wanted to ask you here if you know a more direct way
before I begin writing programms.

The rows (records) of the tables are separated as DOS separate lines
(with ^M^J), the collumns (fields) are separated with commas and their
contents are quoted with the double-quote-symbol (") at the beginning
and the end. The problem I see: some fields contain commas, line-feeds
(^J) and even double-quotes-symbols (not followed by comma).

I would thank you any hint,
Rodrigo Readi

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