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Re: Has anyone actually built emacs 21.3 for SOLARIS (sparc)?

From: Dave Uhring
Subject: Re: Has anyone actually built emacs 21.3 for SOLARIS (sparc)?
Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 13:39:51 -0500
User-agent: Pan/0.13.94 (God will roast their stomachs in Hell)

On Tue, 20 May 2003 12:41:17 -0400, David Combs wrote:

> I'm having difficulties getting emacs 21.3 to compile,
> load, etc -- and am getting complaints about a missing
> lib:
>       ../lisp/textmodes/text-mode.elc         ../lisp/vc-hooks.elc    
> ../lisp/ediff-hook.elc  ../lisp/widget.elc      ../lisp/window.elc      
> ../lisp/version.el
> LC_ALL=C ./temacs -batch -l loadup dump
> ./temacs: fatal: open failed: No such file or 
> directory
> Killed
> make[1]: *** [emacs] Error 137
> make[1]: Leaving directory 
> `/big5/david3/from_netcom-dir2/sources-stuff/emacs-21.3/src'
> make: *** [src] Error 2
> 358.0  sys= 18.0  96%  || mem=0  in=0
> 137 ==/david3/from_netcom-dir2/sources-stuff/emacs-21.3==> 

Then why do you not install that library if you wish to use it?

You certainly have the option in the ./configure script to choose motif
instead of Xaw3d.

> (Note: Im trying to communicate with ONLY those people
> who've put emacs-21.3 up on Solris!

I run Solaris 9, not Solris.  Does that disqualify my comments?

BTW that release of emacs builds without error on Ultra 1 if a bit slowly.

[emacs-21.3]$ ./configure --prefix=/usr/sfw --with-x-toolkit=motif
 --with-xpm --with-jpeg --with-tiff --with-gif --with-png --with-x
[emacs-21.3]$ time gmake

[ ... ]

real    21m49.492s
user    20m55.430s
sys     0m25.130s

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