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backspace/del/C-h confusion between emacs -nw & emacs X11

From: Balaji Venkataraman
Subject: backspace/del/C-h confusion between emacs -nw & emacs X11
Date: 19 May 2003 18:29:06 -0700
User-agent: Gnus/5.09 (Gnus v5.9.0) Emacs/21.1

I'm sure this is an oft repeated question, but I still haven't found a fool
proof solution yet. I'm not a novice user, so I'd appreciate it if you read
the whole mail, before replying.

This is with Emacs (21.1.2) on Solaris.

In short I want the <Backspace> and "C-h" to behave similarly whether I run
"emacs -q" or "emacs -nw -q". I want the <Backspace> key to delete the
previous char and "C-h" to give me the help menu - this is what happens when
you run "emacs -q". But with "-nw", both those keys seem to be tied to the
same thing. Changing one (with keyboard translate) changes the other. 

I have read the emacs news (do "C-h C-n" and search for the string 
"backspace"). It talks about the difference in behavior, but I want to be
able to avoid it. It's most annoying to bring up emacs with the "-nw" in an
xterm and have the backspace give you "help".

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