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Re: emacs 21.3 wants ""; got Xaw3d-1.5.tar.gz; NOW WHAT?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: emacs 21.3 wants ""; got Xaw3d-1.5.tar.gz; NOW WHAT?
Date: 19 May 2003 14:17:23 -0400
User-agent: Gnus/5.09 (Gnus v5.9.0) Emacs/21.3.50

>> If you're compiling emacs from source (that means you should have
>> compiled temacs, whatever it is, from source too), supposedly your
>> linker should have managed to find the location of the libXaw3d
>> library. Otherwise, you wouldn't have gotten temacs executable file in
>> the first place. This means that this shared library file already
> No, I doubt it.

How about checking it instead of relying on your gut feeling ?
Where did the "" come from you think ?
The Emacs source only does -lXaw3d, so even if we assume that the "lib"
and the ".so" are implicit, that still doesn't explain the ".5".

>   Silly question, maybe, but why not just another -L<...>
>  after the LDFLAGS= ?

Because -L only provides the path to find the library at compile-time,
whereas -R provides the path to find the library at runtime.  Most likely
the library is already in /var/sadm/pkg/SFWxaw3d/ and you
simply need to add the corresponding directory either as a -R to the `ld'
command or to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH envvar.

> Right.  Unfortunately, it's 21.2.1.  *Full* of bugs and
> other difficulties (maybe "features"); nontheless, I
> read on the emacs groups that 21.3 is a whole lot better.

AFAIK, 21.3 only fixes a few bugs and I haven't read anybody rave about how
buggy 21.2 is and/or how stable 21.3 is.  Could you report the bugs you see
in 21.2 ?


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