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Re: w32 ssh trouble

From: Bruce Ingalls
Subject: Re: w32 ssh trouble
Date: Sun, 18 May 2003 04:25:39 GMT
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Kai Großjohann wrote:
Bruce Ingalls <address@hidden> writes:

I tried plink v0.53b (should be latest binary release), and I was
able to get the prompt for the password, when I run it inside M-x shell.
However, it does not recognize my password, even though I know that I
am entering it correctly.

What happens when you use M-: (process-send-string nil "your-pw\n")
RET to send the password?  What happens when you use \r instead of
\n?  What happens when you use \r\n instead of \n?

Well, It's a bit hard to do this, in the middle of a password prompt.
It tries to read in M-: (whatever control char that generates) as my

Hm.  Well, you can remove comint-watch-for-password-prompt from
comint-output-filter-functions.  That ought to remove the minibuffer
prompt and thus you can do M-: normally.

I did try to do a C-g (a second time, after I got a "Non echoed text"
prompt) and I noticed this phenomenon:
The shell seems to chop off the last 2 characters of my input.

Huh?  That's weird.

I could put stuff in Tramp that adds junk to passwords.  (Are we
talking about Tramp?)  Surely I would do this if it makes users
happy.  But it makes me feel REALLY REALLY uneasy.  *shudder*

I tried the above, and yes, it works.
I tried appending any 2 chars to the end, and this worked.

We are not talking about Tramp, yet. I figure that I have to get plink (ssh) working in M-x shell, before we can talk about Tramp.

Now that I can get plink working under M-x shell, I tried adding garbage to the end of my password in Tramp, but that did not work. Unfortunately, this is not a good indicator, as Plink only works for me via protocol 1, and I'll have to fool with Tramp settings for this.

I understand your unease. The other solution is to pass in passwords, using Plink's -pw command line option.

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