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Re: Looking for mode for Oracle Pro*C. AKA embedded SQL/C.

From: Tim X
Subject: Re: Looking for mode for Oracle Pro*C. AKA embedded SQL/C.
Date: 17 May 2003 17:12:24 +1000
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>>>>> "Mamouliane" == Mamouliane  <address@hidden> writes:

 Mamouliane> Oracle Pro*C is basically a pre-processor. It takes a
 Mamouliane> source file written in C and containing SQL
 Mamouliane> statements. Hence the name embedded SQL.  The
 Mamouliane> pre-processor replaces all SQL statements by C statements
 Mamouliane> & function calls. In the end what you have is C source
 Mamouliane> code that is then compiled and linked with Oracle
 Mamouliane> libraries.  This is a very basic description of what it
 Mamouliane> does but you get the idea.

 Mamouliane> Is anyone aware of such a mode available for Pro*C? I
 Mamouliane> know of a SQL mode and PL/SQL mode but can't find a mode
 Mamouliane> for Pro*C or embedded SQL/C.  Should I write such a mode?
 Mamouliane> Is it very difficult? It would basically be an extension
 Mamouliane> to the available C mode. There is already modes for SQL
 Mamouliane> and PL/SQL out there so I figure I would use that too.

Before writing your own mode, maybe check out multi-mode-mode which
allows you to use multiple modes in one buffer. I've not used it
myself, but remember seeing an article in one of the newsgroups where
someone was using sql-mode and c-mode for Oracle proc.


Tim Cross
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