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Re: Indentation problems in SGML mode

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: Indentation problems in SGML mode
Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 08:53:14 -0600
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Kai Großjohann wrote:

When PSGML was written, font-lock was probably not powerful enough for
proper SGML font-locking: you can change the < and > characters in
SGML, so regular expressions don't work.

I don't think that's the issue, since PSGML does not support different
values of stago, etago, and tagc (other than the default values "<",
"</", and ">"):

| File:, Node: SGML declaration, Next: Managing the DTD, Prev: Validate, Up: Top
| SGML Declaration
|    PSGML does not understand the SGML declaration, it accepts one in the
| file but it is ignored.  If you have the SGML declaration in another
| file you can make `sgmls' use it when you use the `C-c C-v'
| (`sgml-validate') command (*note Validate::.).
|    PSGML has some options in what features it uses and what markup it
| creates.  You have to set these options to make PSGML's behavior
| consistent with your SGML declaration and personal preferences.
|  - User Option: sgml-omittag
|      Set this to `t' if the SGML declaration has `OMITTAG YES' and to
|      `nil' otherwise.
|  - User Option: sgml-shorttag
|      Set this to `t' if the SGML declaration has `SHORTTAG YES' and to
|      `nil' otherwise.
|  - User Option: sgml-always-quote-attributes
|      If non-nil, quote all attribute values inserted after finishing
|      edit attributes.  If this variable is `nil' and `sgml-shorttag' is
|      non-`nil', attribute values that consists of only name characters
|      will not be quoted.
|  - User Option: sgml-minimize-attributes
|      Determines minimization of attributes inserted by edit-attributes.
|      If non-nil, omit attribute name if the attribute value is from a
|      token group.  If `max', omit attributes with default value.
|      Minimization will only be done if they produce legal SGML (assuming
|      `sgml-omittag' and `sgml-shorttag' are set correctly).

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