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Re: Chinese characters support

From: acmuller
Subject: Re: Chinese characters support
Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 18:57:42 +0900

On 5/13/2003, Lee Sau Dan wrote:

>Are you sure it's utf-7?   Then how come it can distinguish characters
>in BIG5 and equivalent characters in JIS?

As was corrected in an earlier message, it is iso-2022, not utf-7.

>    Charles> it was not especially useful as test file for people who
>    Charles> are trying to get their CJK working right.
>It  seems  to me  that  when you  talk  about  "CJK", you're  actually
>refering to "utf-8".

No, I am not. But my discussion from the outset has been centered on utf-8
related problems. As you point out (and as I noted earlier in this thread)
most people are able to get CJK working with localized DCBS encodings
without too much trouble. 

I, and the people that I am collaborating with in XML-based data projects,
are all at the bleeding edge using utf-8, and thus I have had to deal with
this problem extensively in trying to get everyone's systems set up


Charles Muller <address@hidden>
Toyo Gakuen University

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