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RE: How to disable sound when error occurs

From: Wang, Zhu
Subject: RE: How to disable sound when error occurs
Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 21:55:37 -0500

Zhu Wang

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        Subject: Re: How to disable sound when error occurs

        "Wang, Zhu" <address@hidden> writes:
        > Whenever I made a mistake, e.g., scroll up the mouse using the
        > middle wheel when the pointer is at the beginning of buffer, some
        > sound arises. But I don't need it to bother me. How can I disable
        > it? After I did some search and looked at help files, I still have
        > no clue.
        I put
        (setq visible-bell t)
        in my .emacs
        ,----[ C-h v visible-bell RET ]
        | visible-bell's value is t
        | Documentation:
        | *Non-nil means try to flash the frame to represent a bell.
        | See also `ring-bell-function'.
        | You can customize this variable.
        (spook) => "analyzer Blowpipe world domination"
        (insert-file-contents "~/.signature") => (error "`~/.signature' too 
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