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Re: A few simple questions

From: Friedrich Dominicus
Subject: Re: A few simple questions
Date: 10 May 2003 09:00:51 +0200
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Wang Yin <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi,
> I have a few simple questions to ask about Emacs. They are so simple,
> yet it seems that I can't find them in the manual and FAQ:
> 1. How can I do something like f command in vi? When I'm looking at a
>    line, I want to move to a charater, say 'a'. How can I do something
>    like "fa" in Emacs, and how to I repeat this command to go to
>    following a's?
C-s a
for repeated searches just type C-s  again
> 2. How do I move like "W" in vi. That is, move to the next white space
>    delimited "Word"?
M-f alternatively for more word C-u 3 M-f
> 3. How do I change DOS lineend file into UNIX lineend file quickly? I
>    don't like to C-x RET c ....-unix C-x C-f...!
M-x replace-regexp C-q RET$ RET RET

You can save it as a macro, name it and just call the macro. 


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