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Re: MCL5

From: BK
Subject: Re: MCL5
Date: 9 May 2003 09:48:15 -0700

address@hidden (Rainer Joswig) wrote ...

> > ... why would I not wait until the thing *actually* ships?
> It is cheaper to get the beta now and later the shipping version. Right?

Well, I don't mind paying a little more for the certainty that it
actually ships when it ships ;-) I can't recall ever having paid for
beta software that was actually called beta software. I waited with
OSX until it was a commercial release as well (yes, I know many people
say that it was still de-facto beta until 10.1 or 10.2 depending on

> A lot of people who have Lisp-based code written for earlier versions
> of MCL are already porting this code to the new Carbon-based MCL 5,
> using the beta version of MCL 5.

Certainly for those people it makes perfect sense. No doubt about it.
However, I don't have any such requirements.


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