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Re: Opt/Fn as meta? (emacs on macs)

From: Ajanta
Subject: Re: Opt/Fn as meta? (emacs on macs)
Date: Fri, 09 May 2003 10:35:48 GMT
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Stephen J. Turnbull <address@hidden> wrote:
> I wish that were true.  Unfortunately, it is not.  ESC-as-Meta behaves
> somewhat like (setq modifier-keys-are-sticky t).  It does not work the
> way other prefix keys do.  It is special-cased at a very low level.
> I can say that Kyle's approach of using Ctrl-[ will definitely work as
> desired.[1]  If you do any manipulation of the ESC key (eg, with xmodmap
> or whatever Apple uses to define the keycode to keysym mapping), you
> need to be very careful... 

Ctrl-[ trick is certainly nice. But I would also like to try defining
Option as Meta. What is the .emacs command for this? Thanks.

(BTW, there is a very nifty unitity called Ucontrol which lets you
redefine keys at the OS level. The original motivation was to do
something useful with Caps Lock. However, OSX has no sense of emacs's
meta, so I can't use Ucontrol for this purpose.)

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