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show-all-if-ambiguous in emacs?

From: Jiri Pejchal
Subject: show-all-if-ambiguous in emacs?
Date: Fri, 9 May 2003 04:41:34 GMT
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I like to set the following variable in my ~/.bashrc to `on': 


This alters the default behavior of the completion functions. If set to
`on', words which have more than one possible completion cause the
matches to be listed immediately instead of ringing the bell. The
default value is `off'.

Can I get similar behavior with mini-buffer completion?

I have files index1.html, index2.html and index3.html.
I want to open index2.html, so I have to:

C-x C-f in TAB (--> index) TAB (now I see possible completions) 2 TAB
(-->index2.html) RET

What I would like instead:

C-x C-f in TAB (--> index &  I see possible completions) 2 TAB
(-->index2.html) RET

Is it possible?

Jiri Pejchal

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