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Re: customization of browse-url has no effect

From: Lute Kamstra
Subject: Re: customization of browse-url has no effect
Date: Thu, 08 May 2003 14:55:39 +0200
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upro <address@hidden> writes:


> You're great - with inhibit-default-init in .emacs it finally works!
> browse-url-browser-function's value is browse-url-netscape.
> I have nothing in my .emacs talking about browsing, netscape or
> similar, apart from the above line from custom-set-variables.
> How come my custzom variable was not taken?

I understand that without (setq inhibit-default-init t) in your
.emacs, browse-url-browser-function's value is browse-url-netscape and
with (setq inhibit-default-init t) in you .emacs, its value is

This means that you have a default.el file somewhere in your load-path
(type C-h v load-path RET to find out what your load-path is) that
changes browse-url-browser-function.  Such a default.el file is loaded
after .emacs is loaded, so it would "overwrite" the settings you put
in .emacs.  It might be a good idea to locate this library (try typing
M-x locate-library RET default RET) and see what more is in it.  You
may even want to delete it.  (Note that default.el is not shipped with
Emacs, but is put on your system by the system administrators or your
OS distribution).


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