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Re: Help me unlock a file while in emacs on the Mac

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: Help me unlock a file while in emacs on the Mac
Date: Wed, 07 May 2003 15:02:23 -0600
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Andrew Choi wrote:

"Susan G. Conger" <address@hidden> writes:

[...]  The file is really unlocked but the buffer thinks that it is
still locked.  I tried doing a C-X C-F to reread the file but it still
thought it was locked.  How would I change the mac-unlock-file so that
it realizes that it can now edit the buffer and be able to save the
changes back to the file.

Oops, I forgot.  You need to call toggle-read-only, or change
mac-unlock-current-file to call it for you.

   (defun mac-unlock-current-file ()
     (mac-unlock-file (buffer-file-name))

Wouldn't revert-buffer be more reliable than toggle-read-only?

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