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Re: Is Emacs on Aqua crippleware or is it just broken?

From: BK
Subject: Re: Is Emacs on Aqua crippleware or is it just broken?
Date: 7 May 2003 04:01:15 -0700

Oliver Scholz <address@hidden> wrote ...

> I would
> spit fire and swearwords in every Emacs related mailing list, if Emacs
> would ever get different defaults on different platforms.

So, then what about an Emacs that cannot be quit by no matter what
means no matter what flavours (other than using kill -9) ?

Is that a reason to ask if it is a bug or a feature without getting

You are riding on this cut and paste thing like you didn't read my
post. You ignore the fact that no pasting works no matter whether I
try the Mac method or the Emacs method. I can't quite seem to fathom
why you choose to ignore this vital fact which is the centre of the
problem that led me to post here and ask. If I was nasty I would
either assume you chose to ignore this because you are only interested
in flaming and taking the "Emacs flavoured pasting doesn't work
either" part would spoil your fun, or because your attention span
while reading is severely handicapped. So, far I have given you the
benefit of the doubt and I am sure other people who read this thread
have, too. But the more you keep walking on such thin ice the less
likely you will receive the benefit of doubt any further.

I don't give a damn about whether or not Emacs should allow HIG
conformant pasting, because this is the least of my problems, which
you would know if you had read my post. The problem which I have is
that very important functionality is totally unreachable regardless of
what method I use. It's not working the Emacs way *and* it is not
working the Mac way, nor is it working any other way.

What I am interested to know is whether this behavior is due to a bug
that can be fixed  and if so how do I fix it, or whether this behavior
is because the current port hasn't yet implemented the functionality,
in which case I would obviously waste my time trying to find a fix.

This was the nature of the questions I asked. Now you should ask
yourself whether of all that which you have responded there was
anything that could actually contribute to finding a fix to the
problems which are at issue here.

If you find that none of which you have responded does contribute in
this manner, then you should ask yourself whether you are actually
interested in contributing to find a fix or whether you are only
interested in nitpicking and flaming and if it is the latter, then
please do tell us, because everybody who is interested in how to fix
the problems at issue will safely be able to ignore your posts.

Do keep in mind that this thread is being archived by Google and
anybody who will have a similar problem with a carbonised version of
Emacs and tries to find a solution will be making use of the archive.
They will be very pleased to find this thread with a detailed
description of a problem that will more or less match their problem
and consequently they will expect to find answers in this thread.
However, they will be very disappointed if it turns out that apart
from a problem description there is nothing but flaming in the
remainder of the thread.

> [But even if we'd like to stretch the example a bit beyond its
> boundaries: I do not expect every foreigner who comes into my country
> to adopt my language and my customs (hey, and I thought, *I* am the
> German here ...).

Well, I have been working for extended periods of time in foreign
countries and unless I know I will leave with in a short time, I
always expect myself and other foreigners I work with who are also
there for extended periods of time to pick up local customs and the
local language.

So, yes, indeed, if I was to work in Germany and it was not just a
short business trip, I will have to brush up my high-school German,
which is pretty bad these days and I have to kick myself in the butt
and relearn a language that I feel pretty uncomfortable with because
it is a rather difficult language.

In fact, I used to work in Switzerland and although the Swiss didn't
expect me to speak and understand German, they were always very
pleased to find out that I  had managed to tune my ears into their
local dialect ("Switzertuetsch") because they could just talk as they
used to and feel more relaxed. The burden was thereby on me and not on
them to worry about whether or not I had caught everything and ask if
in doubt.

When I was working in South America I picked up Spanish and I got a
language guide for South America to make sure I wouldn't use words
which are only used in Spain but not in Latin America. People may not
expect that kind of thing but they are very thankful if you do it
anyway because it shows respect for their customs. Once you have
established this acknowledgement, then you can talk about your own
customs and they will be all the more interested and tolerant.

Of course this can have it's drawbacks as I learned on a short trip to
Spain when I found myself unable to order a steak in Spanish because
the word "lomo" I had got used to is a Latin-Americanism not always
understood in Spain. I had to ask for the word first.

> The moral is: if you want a Macintosh-HIG-editor, use a
> Macintosh-HIG-editor. If you want Emacs, use Emacs. Don't complain
> about Emacs being Emacs.

Are you suggesting that if I want to use Emacs and it doesn't work
neither the way Emacs works nor the way Mac works I am supposed to
toss it away and not ask other users if they know of any fixes?

Mind you, I didn't post to gnu.emacs.advocacy, but to


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