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RE: gid doc?

From: brian . auld
Subject: RE: gid doc?
Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 07:06:05 -0700

Are there any particular guidelines for using gid in the kernel tree. These are 
the steps I took: 

1) built id-utils
2) moved id-utils.el to ~/.emacs-lisp directory
3) added the following lines to .emacs file to automatically
   load id-utils.el on startup:

(setq load-path (append load-path (list ~/.emacs-lisp")))

(autoload 'gid "id-utils" "Interface to ID Utils" t)

4) Built ID database (from kernel source root dir):
   find . -name "*.[chyCHY]" | xargs mkid


When I try and run 'M-x gid' on a symbol. I know I had it working at one time, 
but now it's belly up. Is my 'find ...' in error?

Any pointers would be appreciated.

-- Brian

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> Subject: Re: gid doc?
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> > Can anyone recommand a url or howto or manual that talks about using
> 'gid' with emacs.
> There's the "M-x gid" command, and that's about all there is to it.
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