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edge scrolling in NTEmacs and recover-file startup message

From: Rajneesh Hegde
Subject: edge scrolling in NTEmacs and recover-file startup message
Date: Sat, 3 May 2003 03:07:06 -0400

I'm using Emacs 21.2 on WinXP and am having this
admittedly minor hiccup but was wondering if it has a
fix. I use edge scrolling on my (laptop's) touchpad,
and it's configured to scroll the window that the mouse
pointer's in, except when I have two windows in emacs
(inside the same frame), edge scrolling scrolls the top
window even when the mouse pointer's over the bottom
one (and even when the bottom window's active.)

another question I have is about the message "...has
auto save data; consider M-x recover-file". this
message stays in the minibuffer only for a second or so
before the messages about the mode hooks and such flood
in; I realise the messages are all logged in a separate
buffer, but I normally don't look at it at all, so I
wouldn't know about the auto save data if I missed the
message when the file's loaded. Is there a way to make
the auto save message be the last one I see?
thanks for the help,


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