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Re: xfonts

From: Ivan Danicic
Subject: Re: xfonts
Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 20:01:54 +0100

"Kevin Rodgers" <address@hidden> wrote in message
> Ivan Danicic wrote:
> > Hello all, I have just obtained emacs 21.3.1. for linux suse 8.0. which
> > a slight glitch. If I enter "emacs" I get a split window  which says
> > load file xfonts' and it suggests running 'emacs --debug-init'. This
> > (file-error "cannot open load file" xfonts) and to look in init file for
> > cause. What does this mean? My .emacs contains nothing about xfonts. The
> > emacs window is otherwise OK but I get error messages of type "cannot
> > ... font". If I enter "emacs -q" I get a good starting window
> Then the problem is in the default.el file.  Use `M-x locate-library RET
> default RET' to find out which load-path directory contains it.
> > but this is
> > presumably not quite satisfactory. Any suggestions gratefully received.
> Read the "Init File" node of the Emacs manual:
> snip
> |> <a href="mailto:&lt;kevin.rodgers&#64;;";>Kevin Rodgers</a>
Yes thanks. I have commented out the line
(if (emacs-major-version 20)(require 'xfonts))
from the two .gnu-emacs files. Now the thing looks OK but wouldn't it be
nice to have these xfonts? I can't find them (as 'xfonts').

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