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Frame refresh trouble with 21.2.1

From: Dave Ulrick
Subject: Frame refresh trouble with 21.2.1
Date: 1 May 2003 14:54:59 GMT
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I've just upgraded my Linux PC to Red Hat 7.3.  This release of RH
came with Emacs 21.2.1, Linux 2.4.18, XFree86 4.2.0 and KDE 3.0.3.
My previous Emacs version was 20.something.

21.2.1 seems to work alright for the most part, but I've repeatedly
experienced some rather annoying behavior.  I've noticed it most often
when using the Info mode, but I've also seen it with other major modes.
The problem is that after performing an operation within the mode, such
as selecting a menu item in Info, the frame doesn't refresh.  That is,
I've been using the mode, getting quick visible results to my operations,
only to have an operation seem to "hang".  The thing that's weird is that
the operation hasn't really hung.  If I perform some other operation
against the frame, such as selecting it with a click of Mouse-1, the frame
will refresh and everything will look just as I'd like.  So far I've not
seen this behavior with any other X client:  konsole, xterm, and other KDE
and X11 apps all show consistent window refreshes.  Red Hat has no upgrade
RPMs for this release of Emacs, so I tried compiling my own Emacs using
the tarball from  The result:  exactly the same problem.

Any ideas of where to begin tracking this problem down?  I can, of
course, provide .emacs, .Xdefaults, and other configuration files if
they would be useful.

Dave Ulrick, Systems Programmer   E-mail:  address@hidden
Northern Illinois University      Web:
DeKalb, IL, USA

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