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"unrecognized header" error in AUCTEX

From: wang yin
Subject: "unrecognized header" error in AUCTEX
Date: 01 May 2003 13:12:30 +0800
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I don't know if it's proper to ask questions about AUCTEX here. But I
think here may be many people using it.

I'm a Chinese. I need CJK package to convert Chinese characters. So
after \begin{document}, I must


to start Chinese convertion. 

So my must change TeX-header-end and TeX-trailer-start. And my
document outline looks like this:

\documentclass{article} \usepackage{CJK}

\begin{document} \begin{CJK}{GBK}{song} % End-Of-Header

.......... Chinese contents here ..........

% Start-Of-Trailer \end{CJK} \end{document}

% Local Variables: 
% TeX-header-end: "^% End-Of-Header" 
%TeX-trailer-start: "^% Start-Of-Trailer" 
% TeX-parse-self: t 
%TeX-auto-save: t 
% End:

Other schemes can't work if I LaTeX a region. Because
must be put in the _region_.tex header before LaTeX.

But if I C-c C-s to enter a section for the first time I got the
error: unrecognized header.

If I type a \begin{section} manually. I can use C-c C-s to enter new
sections. I don't know why.

What's more, if I C-c C-s to start a section of the article class and
press M-TAB, section headers that are not in article class "part",
"chapter" ... are all in the completion.

Can anyone help me?

Wang Yin
DA Lab, Tsinghua University,
Beijing China

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