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Emacs configuration

From: arthur.chereau
Subject: Emacs configuration
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 11:22:27 +0200


I'm configuring emacs 21.2 and there are some things I can't find any doc 
about, so I'm
asking you:

- How is it possible to configure the action done by the printer icon ? I'd 
like it to
call a2ps-buffer.

- How is it possible to force emacs to confirm when killing the *scratch* 
buffer ?

- Is it possible to change the menu ordering, for instance moving Buffers 
before Files ?

- Is there any means of having only one emacs process running for all the emacs 
? I mean, not like emacsclient or gnuserv, but when one calls emacs from the 
line, having emacs spawn a new window like C-x 5 2 but no new process (to speed 
up the
start). Then, is it possible to have multiple emacs windows that share the same 
but don't share buffers (that is, "independant" windows) ?

- Last, is it possible to put all the configuration files under a ~/.emacs/ 
containing the .emacs file and the contents of the ~/ .emacs.d/ directory ?

Thanks !


Faites un voeu et puis Voila !

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