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ssh + term + tcsh or remote eshell

From: ftrw
Subject: ssh + term + tcsh or remote eshell
Date: 27 Sep 2002 18:46:28 -0800
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I have two machines: local and remote.  I run emacs on X windows on
local.  I want to edit files and run shells as identically as possible
on both machines through my local emacs window.

For editing remote files on my local machine, tramp works fine.

Option 1 for shells:  eshell

   For a local shell, I can use eshell.  

   Can I run an eshell process via gnuserv or emacsclient on the remote
   machine, seeing it on my local machine?

Option 2 for shells:  emacs term program

   If I run tcsh through a local term buffer, I have these problems:

      --I do not see colors that I normally see in an xterm tcsh (as 
        found in

      --To have TAB completion in the shell, I need to be in Term: char
        mode, but then I must prefix all of the normal emacs control key
        bindings with an extra C-c.

      --To avoid that extra C-c, I can switch to Term: line mode, but
        then I lose shell TAB completion.

   If I run tcsh on the remote machine through ssh.el
   (, then I get
   various problems with special characters sent by the remote tcsh.
   I assume they are for colors and fonts (for instance, in the

So I would like to use the same shell (eshell or tcsh) on both
machines, have them act the same, use them both in emacs and have
useful shell features (history, e.g.) that one normally finds in an
xterm shell.

Thank you for any help.


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