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Re: w3

From: Thomas Yan
Subject: Re: w3
Date: 27 Sep 2002 17:19:28 -0400
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Andrew Koenig <address@hidden> writes:
> Roger> Hello,
> Roger> I have just downloaded and installed w3, using the default 'configure'
> Roger> options.  Everything seemed to go OK, but on invocation using 'm-x w3' 
> I
> Roger> get this error:
> Roger> 'Wrong type argument: number-ormarker-p, nil'.
> Roger> I assume I messed up somewhere.
> I'm having the same problem.  I posted a traceback not too long ago,
> but so far no one has commented.
> FWIW, the problem seems to occur whenever I try to read an HTML message.

I think I might have had the same problem.  I hacked around it --there
was something screwy about the way it was getting font information or
something-- but didn't bother to record the changes since someone
recommend w3m instead, which works better, although it has its share
of problems, too.

Installing w3m was pretty painless, plus it is (probably) faster.

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