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Re: RCS and Emacs, between machines.

From: Kai Großjohann
Subject: Re: RCS and Emacs, between machines.
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 19:23:40 +0200
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Phillip Lord <address@hidden> writes:

> Anyone else do similar things? [work on files with version control
> in more than one location] Anyone got a good solution?

I use CVS and ssh to connect to the repository.  But it seems you
don't have an internet connection from home, so this is not a good

But maybe your problem is that while working at home you'd like to
store several versions?  That can be done with the new, nifty,
changing backends feature of VC.  When working on a file in a CVS
working directory, you can do C-x v b to switch to the RCS backend.
Then you can store several versions at home.

But when you switch back to CVS as the backend, there is no easy way
to upload all those RCS revisions in one go.  When you do a CVS
checkin, just the most recent version is uploaded so that the CVS
repository doesn't know about the intermediate versions.

Another possibility is to make sure that the RCS files are always
unlocked, by doing "ci -u" on them before putting them on the floppy.

Yet _another_ possibility is to store the CVS repository on the
floppy, too.

And then, you can do "rcs -U" on the files; maybe that helps.

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