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refill-mode again

From: Frank Winkler - Sun Germany - Enterprise Services
Subject: refill-mode again
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 13:06:56 +0200
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Hi again !

As I already stated, my refill.el revision 1.1 (I couldn't find a newer one)
appears to cause some problems:

1. emacs-20.6 on OS/2
   the file compiles happily and I can activate refill-mode but then I
   can't type blanks at the end of the paragraph
2. xemacs-20.4 (the Sun version bundled with WorkShop) on Solaris 8
   the file also compiles here but whwn trying to activate refill-mode
   I get the message "Wrong type argument: symbolp, (t)"

Can anybody give a hint what's wrong here?


Frank Winkler                                 address@hidden
Sun Microsystems - Remote Admin Center
Sonnenallee 1                                       Voice +49 89 46008.2755
85551 Heimstetten - Germany                           Fax +49 89 46008.2740

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