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ChipNews - Chipworks Quarterly Newsletter - Issue 3, 2002

From: Info
Subject: ChipNews - Chipworks Quarterly Newsletter - Issue 3, 2002
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 13:45:42 -0700

A patent asset owner has various options for realizing value from their asset. This article, however, will focus on patent asset use in an assertion-based exploitation model. This model has been successfully used by a large and growing number of companies and other parties.

The starting point for such a process is to invest the necessary resources to evaluate the contents of the patent portfolio in order to determine which patents are the best candidates for having commercial value. Such review processes may be undertaken using internal technical and legal resources, or through external RE companies such as Chipworks. Whatever channel is used, the reviews must provide an honest assessment of the commercial value at the level of individual patents.

The general assertion-based patent exploitation model involves the broad steps of homework, assertion, negotiation and contract completion. The homework step requires completion of a number of company-specific items, such as competitive intelligence, assertion strategy, reverse engineering (RE) and proof package. The assertion step involves use of the homework through presentation and dialogue with the other party. When done effectively, a successful patent licensing negotiation and contract execution with the other party will follow.

Table 1 identifies the key process steps and functional mapping taken by many companies. This is not the only approach possible, but it is one that has worked very well in many instances. con't...


Table 1 - Company-Specific Steps Needed for Assertion-Based Exploitation Process
Click for larger image

Just received - Micron ® Quad Data Rate™ (QDR™) SRAM

The Micron ® Quad Data Rate™ (QDR™) SRAM is a high-speed, low-latency, maximum-bandwidth, separate I/O, synchronous memory. It integrates simple control logic and clocking schemes with programmable impedance, a well-placed pinout, and an inexpensive small-footprint package. The QDR features advanced 6 transistor SRAM cell CMOS process. Click for more info on this analysis project.

Before we start our investigation, what type of analysis would you like to see on this device?

To ensure that our reverse engineering project meets your requirements contact us immediately.  

The semiconductor industry at present seems to be in the doldrums - drifting, waiting for the economic winds of fortune to pick up and indicate a direction. One of the tools to find a direction is competitive intelligence (CI) —the systematic process of monitoring the competitive environment.
The CI process can be broken into phases:

  • Planning - identifying intelligence needs, and designing the data collection process
  • Data collection and analysis (including interpretation)
  • Creating recommendations for action
  • Dissemination of findings and recommendations
  • Feedback into the next planning phase

A key goal of CI is to present timely intelligence that allows decision makers to use the information for competitive advantage. Consequently the CI process must be able to collect data efficiently, distill it quickly, and present swiftly and clearly. If the process becomes an end in itself, then it becomes a waste of time and expense. con't

Agere Orinoco BG-200 Broadband Gateway Printed Circuit Board
Click for larger image.

Chipworks’ Focused Technology Reviews (FTRs) compare how a process feature or a circuit block has been implemented across many different semiconductor chips or manufacturers.

The FTR is an exceptional value, providing access to many reports often at a lower cost than purchasing a single complete device report. For example, the On-Die Interconnect Focused Technology Review takes a look at nineteen of today’s leading copper and aluminum interconnect (wiring) structures from eleven different logic device manufacturers. Purchasing the individual full device reports could easily cost in excess of $100K, whereas the FTR compilation is priced at only $5K.

Other process related FTRs survey Shallow Trench Isolation Techniques and embedded memory implementations across a number of manufacturers - SRAM and DRAM,. Recently released circuit-related FTRs look at Phased Lock Loop and Analog to Digital Converter circuit implementations and include actual schematics of the circuit blocks and technical discussions on their differences.

Device manufacturers can benchmark what the other leading edge manufacturers are doing in production today. They can compare the available design options, such as the tradeoffs between memory cell size and manufacturing complexity and how this relates to cost. Fabless designers can assess the availability of a given type of technology and make better informed decisions as to what should be incorporated into their designs.

Get the information and understanding that you need, regarding the technical issues that are key to your companies success, with Chipworks’ Focused Technology Reviews.


New Structural Analysis Reports

Advanced Micro Devices Mobile Athlon 4 1.6GHz Microprocessor Structural Analysis

Elpida EDD5104ABTA-7A 512M SDRAM Structural Analysis

Elpida EDS2508APTA-7A 256M SDRAM Structural Analysis

Infineon Technologies SAFTC11IB64D96E TriCore 32-bit Microcontroller Structural Analysis

Intel BX80532PC2400D 2.4GHz Copper Pentium 4 Microprocessor Structural Analysis

Motorola PRF5S21090S RF Power Field Transistor Structural Analysis

Upcoming Reports

Samsung K4H560838C 256M DDR SDRAM Full Circuit Analysis

Sony CXD2949GB Graphics Synthesizer Structural Analysis

IBM 25PPC750 Microprocessor Structural Analysis

Nanya NT5DS32M8AT-7K 256M DDR SDRAM Full Circuit Analysis

New Circuit Analysis Reports

Conexant CX74017-13P Direct Conversion RF Transceiver Partial Circuit Analysis

Conexant CX77131-12P GaAs HBT Power Amplifier Chip Full Circuit Analysis

Maxim MAX4000EUA 2.5GHz 45dB RF Detecting Controller Circuit Analysis

Micron MT54V512H18E 9Mb Quad Data Rate SRAM Full Circuit Analysis

Vite Technology VCC1 FIB3 106M25 Crystal Oscillator Circuit Analysis

Focused Technology Reviews

Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) Focused Technology Review

Embedded DRAM Focused Technology Review

Embedded SRAM Focused Technology Review

On-Die Interconnect Focused Technology Review

Phase Lock Loop (PLL) Focused Technology Review

Shallow Trench Isolation Focused Technology Review


FSA Suppliers Expo
October 3, 2002
Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA, USA

The Fabless Semiconductor Association’s (FSA) 2002 Suppliers Expo is holding its annual premier event dedicated to bringing

together suppliers, fabless companies, IDM’s and other organizations that play a vital role in the semiconductor industry of which Chipworks is proud to be part of. The goal of the Expo is to encourage partnerships with suppliers/vendors and illustrate what partnerships can accomplish within the industry. This year’s Expo features more than 125 exhibitors/suppliers, allowing over 1,200 attendees, including many CEOs, presidents, purchasing managers, supply chain managers and engineers. This is your opportunity to pursue the latest services, products, and state-of-the-art technology available.

Visit Chipworks at booth 112 and find out what’s new inside technology.

SEMICON Japan 2002
December 4- 6
Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan

SEMICON Japan 2002 is celebrating its 26th year and promises to deliver its usual exciting experience for attendees. This annual global event will be your opportunity to see the latest products and technology in the world. Special interest will focus on the launching of national projects (ASUKA, MIRAI and HALCA), the extensive study of MEMS, composition of system LSI, and e-manufacturing.

Chipworks is a proud participant of SEMICON Japan 2002.

Please contact Jennifer Kearns by e-mail at address@hidden, phone +1 613.829.0414 or fax +1 613.829.0515 for more details on Standard Report release dates and prices, or visit us at for a list of all available reports.


In North America

3685 Richmond Road, Suite 500
Ottawa, On K2H 5B7
Tel: +1 613.829.0414
Fax: +1 613.829.0515

In Japan

Chipworks Corporation - Japan
OS Building 5F
4-6-9 Kudan-minami
Chyoda-ku, Tokyo
102-0074 Japan

Tel: +81.3.3511.7750
Fax: +81.3.3511.7751

In Taiwan

Maggie Hong
Professional Publications Agency
103 Fenaliao St. 6F-3
Neihu Dist
Taipei 114, Taiwan R.O.C.
Phone: 886.2.2799.3110 ext 230
Fax: 886.2.2799.5560




In Europe

Andy Longford
PandA Europe
Oakbury House, Mill Lane
United Kingdom
Tel: +44.1488.73512
Fax: +44.1488.73572

In Korea

Jae Ho, Kim
613-1302 JuGong, 1366,
HeungDeok-Gu, CheongJu,
Phone: +82.11.313.3204
Fax: +

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