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Re: turning off some new features

From: Benjamin Lewis
Subject: Re: turning off some new features
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 10:30:07 -0700
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On Wed, 25 Sep 2002, Bruce Park wrote:

> Hello all,
> I just upgraded to redhat 7.3 and I believe it uses emacs21.2-2. Can
> anyone tell me how to change a few things in this new version?  First, I
> would like to take out this graphical menu that appears here like
> x-emacs. Second, the cursor keeps blinking and I have edited the .emacs
> folder to shut this off but that's not working.  If anyone could give me
> some pointers, I would really appreciate it.

(blink-cursor-mode 0)                     ; banish horrible blinking cursor
(tool-bar-mode 0)                         ; ... and tool bar
(tooltip-mode 0)                          ; ... and tool tips

Benjamin Lewis

Reader, suppose you were an idiot.  And suppose you were a member of
Congress.  But I repeat myself.      -- Mark Twain

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