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Managing multiple classes/subclasses (C++)

From: Peter Davis
Subject: Managing multiple classes/subclasses (C++)
Date: 25 Sep 2002 15:58:58 GMT
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I'm in the process of restructuring some C++ code, including breaking up
a class with about 4000 lines of code into 8 different subclasses.  As
I'm doing this, I come up with better interfaces, etc.  The problem is
that any change to the interface has to be made to all 8 subclasses, and
this is getting to be a real pain. 

Does emacs have any class manipulation tools that allow me to propagate
changes from a base class to its derived classes or something?  I would
only expect interfaces and function signatures to get propagated, as
I'll expect to modify the actual code by hand. 

Any suggestions?



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