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emacs lock files

From: Simone Magri
Subject: emacs lock files
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 18:04:31 +1000

I process my  mail into different folders  via procmail.  To make this
work  properly I need  to know  where emacs puts  its lockfile  for an
edited file/folder that already exists.

With emacs  v19.30.1  I can easily,   with an strace, track  where the
lockfile was created.

With emacs v20.7.2 I can't locate any lockfile with an strace.

Can  anyone shed some light  on this problem  given that I want to use
emacs v20.7.2?

PS please reply directly to  me and not just  the list as  I am not on
this list.

Simone Magri

email: address@hidden

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