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Hello again from Beth!

From: carolblake
Subject: Hello again from Beth!
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 05:25:51 -0400

Hi baby! Remember be Beth!!!! I thought I'd never get my computer fixed. Good 
thing I saved all my contacts on a disc. Anyway I don't know if you're still on 
that dating/meeting site? I got out of it. They wanted me to pay TO much money! 
It was all fake anyway. Hey I found this great NEW site that 
really does bring people together They Let me sign up for FREE and accepted all 
my pictures I had an entire roll my GF took and all I did was send the roll of 
film to them and next thing I know it's up there! It's great I 
hear from real guys and gals and they set up real meetings and live parties 
that members can go to and mingle!!!!!! I figure I'll let you in on it now 
cause their giving away Free memberships and prizes. Like a free paid trip! I'm 
hoping for that one (I think it's for two) hint! Hint! Anyway go there and check it out and get a profile! E-mail me there so I can 
check you out again! Look me up with all my picks there and e-mail me there and 
tell me what you think."CarolBlake" my real name is Beth Gratz for you only! 
OK? Love Beth!

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