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Re: Emacs as platform for the application

From: Artist
Subject: Re: Emacs as platform for the application
Date: 20 Sep 2002 08:34:20 -0700

address@hidden (Thomas F. Burdick) wrote in message news:<address@hidden>...
> address@hidden (Artist) writes:

First of all thanks for such a good answer.
> I'm not positive I understand your question, but I think I do, and
> I've done this before: you want to use Emacs as a programming
> environment for making a somewhat-editor-like application that's not
> actually an editor, and you don't want your end users to need to know
> that it's Emacs underneath.

Yep, I would like to have it a reading application, where people can
search the stuff in big file in a variety of ways.

I also want to build a

> To do this, you want to build your own Emacs;   You get the normal Emacs 
> event loop, the mode
> line, minibuffer, and menu bar, but apart from that, you can control
> things to the extent that your users don't have to have any idea
> they're using Emacs[*].  

The idea
If you're going to distribute this
> application (internal "distribution" in an organization doesn't
> count), you should look into the licensing issues, as I think it would
> fall under the GPL (whereas if you just used a standard Emacs as your
> environment, you could distribute your application seperately under
> whatever terms you wanted).
> [*] Of course, you should still credit Emacs somewhere, like an About
> box that says "this application is built on GNU Emacs" -- but you can
> control the application to the extent that your users won't need to
> realize this.

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