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Emacs as platform for the application

From: Artist
Subject: Emacs as platform for the application
Date: 19 Sep 2002 06:59:36 -0700

 I would like to deploy emacs based application.
 We have several users and I would like to put together the basic
application and then add the functionalities as per need base.
 This is what I have thought:
 To put emacs on the server and have the users running that program
with functions written let's say in perl accessed by keybinding.
 Now my users are not emacs aware and I would like to suppress all the
key binding  (except of course, something like self-insert-command)
other than what's absolutely required plus binding which can provide
functions written by me.
 Yuor suggestions would be valuable in dertermining the phases of
these application.


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