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xml-mode color syntax highlighting

From: Grimnir
Subject: xml-mode color syntax highlighting
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 08:45:39 -0400
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I'm new to Emacs.  I've traditionally used XEmacs.  I'm trying to get the 
same behavior I am used to with XEmacs (out of the box).  The reason I'm 
working with (GNU) Emacs is because it seems to be ahead WRT UTF-8 support.  
This is a very important feature for me. 

If I load my files in the Emacs 21.1 which shipped with SuSE, it 
automatically uses color syntax highlighting.  This may result from 
something SuSE did to modify their Emacs installation.  I've found some 
examples of adding a bunch of stuff to the .emacs to get color syntax 
highlighting, but I have the feeling there is a 'default' that I should 
have available.

What is the normal behavior of Emacs?  Should it give me color syntax 
highlighting in XML mode by default?  Is there a 'helper' package to go 
along with psgml?

-- STH

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