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Re: How can I reorder the items of the menubar?

From: Keira
Subject: Re: How can I reorder the items of the menubar?
Date: 18 Sep 2002 23:49:44 -0700

lawrence mitchell <address@hidden> wrote in message news:<address@hidden>...

Thank you for your help.

> Basically, though, the procedure is as follows:
> i) get the Emacs-21 sources --- available from all
>    mirrors.
> ii) Unpack them, and read the installation instructions.
> iii) Find the file menu-bar.el (probably in the lisp/
>      subdirectory of the Emacs source).

I can't compile Emacs my self (no room in $HOME), and root will not do

> iv) Redefine the order in which the menu-bar is constructed.
>     (look for lines of the form
>       `(cons "Tools" menu-bar-tools-menu)' --- for (e.g.) the Tools
>     menu.)
>     Menu bars are "pushed" onto a menu-bar stack, hence, if you
>     want a menu to appear last, you should move its definition
>     towards the top of the file and vice versa.

Could I (in $HOME/.emacs) remove the whole menu definition (basicly
unload the default lisp/menu-bar.el) and then load a new menu-bar.el,
maybe even the one from Emacs 20? If yes, how would I do this?

> v) After you've changed menu-bar.el to your satisfaction, save
>    it.
> vi) Follow the installation instructions to compile and install
>     Emacs for your system.
> Alternately stay with Emacs 20 (unless you have any dying need to
> use Emacs 21). ;)

Emacs 20, I regrete, is nolonger available on the system.


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