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Clearing the echo area

From: Robert Marshall
Subject: Clearing the echo area
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 10:47:01 +0100
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I guess this is an issue with emacs rather than vm (which I use for
email).  Whilst vm was starting up I resized the frame and obviously
did something wrong as I then typed g (for getting new email) and my
pop3 mailbox password, nothing happened, I typed n a few times in an
attempt to move about the mailbox without any effect, eventually I go
back to the main emacs frame and I see in the echo area

'nnnnnn g<pop password>'

Looking in the *Messages* buffer I saw
w32-handle-scroll-bar-event: End of buffer

Tried a few C-g's to get tid of my password display, tried find-file,
that seems to clear it, but then when I change buffer or scroll, it =
the display of nnnnnn g<pop password> keeps coming back(!)

apropos echo gives me nothing relevant (IMHO), what am I missing?

Poetry's not window cleaning.
It breaks the glass.
-- Chase Twichell

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