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Re: html mail filter in gnus

From: James Cozine
Subject: Re: html mail filter in gnus
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 22:16:07 GMT
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Kin Cho <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi,
> I'm getting html mail quite often now and it's getting annoying.
> Does anyone has a gnus filter to filter out the html tags and
> leave the plain text behind?
> -kin

,----[ C-h v mm-discouraged-alternatives RET ]
| mm-discouraged-alternatives's value is 
| ("text/html" "text/richtext")
| Documentation:
| List of MIME types that are discouraged when viewing multipart/alternative.
| Viewing agents are supposed to view the last possible part of a message,
| as that is supposed to be the richest.  However, users may prefer other
| types instead, and this list says what types are most unwanted.  If,
| for instance, text/html parts are very unwanted, and text/richtext are
| somewhat unwanted, then the value of this variable should be set
| to:
|  ("text/html" "text/richtext")
| You can customize this variable.
| Defined in `mm-decode'.

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