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Re: trailing whitespace visible on some buffers

From: Michael J Downes
Subject: Re: trailing whitespace visible on some buffers
Date: 16 Sep 2002 10:39:51 -0700

"Luis O. Silva" <address@hidden> wrote:

> This is an elementary question, but I haven't found the
> solution of my problem.
> I want to set the buffer-local variable
> `show-trailing-whitespace' to `t' for all buffers except
> for *info*, *diary*, *calendar*, and *mail presentation*.

Did you consider writing a bug report to suggest that the superfluous
whitespace should be removed from all the info files that come in the Emacs
distribution (which would make a significant improvement, at least)?
I see it too but I did not [yet] manage to write a bug report about it.

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