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Re: Experiences with new cygwin port of GNU Emacs 21.2

From: Klaus Berndl
Subject: Re: Experiences with new cygwin port of GNU Emacs 21.2
Date: 16 Sep 2002 12:11:37 +0200
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On Sat, 14 Sep 2002, address@hidden wrote:

Thanks a lot for this detailed explanation. One question still remains:
The cygwin setup offers in the package list 3 emacs related packages:

- emacs
- emacs-el
- emacs-X11

Ok, emacs-el is clear if i want the elisp sources. But i took a look into the
contents of the *emacs* packages on and it seems there are also

But the package *emacs-X11* contains also a binary (see

Ok, now i do not understand you completely when you say "..and you need always
an Xserver...":
What are the differences between the binaries in the packages *emacs* and
*emacs-X11* and for which i need a X-Server?

Does the XFree cygwin-packages work well with Emacs and what is the mentioned
XWin.exe (where to get?).

Many thanks in advance,

>  Klaus Berndl <address@hidden> writes:
> > Are there already experiences about the new cygwin port of GNU Emacs 21.2
> > which is available now?
> >
> > For example experiences about stability, performance (general overall, but
> > also especially concerning IO and file-access)?
> >
> > Maybe differences between native NTEmacs and the new cygwin-emacs?
> > Is there any website or something similar where i can read these topics?
>  As I mentioned before it's now a X11 emacs that runs on top of the
>  cygwin library and you need always an Xserver. Installation of the
>  emacs packages installs too the X11R6 and it all takes ca. 100 MB. The
>  cygwin xserver (XWin.exe) runs really fine and I am now looking for
>  working only with that xserver. All works out from the box for english
>  keyboards. For German keyboards it needs feedling with a xmodmap file.
>  For German keyboards you will find Xmodmap files under:
>  Performance (emacs -q --no-site-file):
>  NT  Emacs:  0 seconds
>  X11 Emacs:  9 seconds
>  Performance (my configuration):
>  NT  Emacs: 22 seconds
>  X11 Emacs: 32 seconds
>  It loads my tons of configuration file without any problem. Some
>  things needs to be adjusted with the system-type 'cygwin' and
>  'windows-nt' especially for shell handling. So in general it looks for
>  me that lisp processing is as fast as under ntemacs. In one personal
>  package example the cygwin emacs is faster as ntemacs (reading a 20000
>  line file and afterward building a hash table with all the line
>  offsets: cygwin emacs 3 seconds, ntemacs 4 seconds).
>  One think that I dislike is the old athena widget set scorll bar but
>  this should be really not a problem.
>  So my conclusion is that it's stable and works perfect.
>  Harald

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