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Re: register use

From: lawrence mitchell
Subject: Re: register use
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 17:57:54 +0100
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Richard White wrote:

> I'm trying to make use of the registers in GNU Emacs but when I run
> the command set-register the minibuffer says there is no match
> (Despite apropos listing it).  I'm using version 20.2.1; does this
> version have register use enabled and if so how do I get it to work
> (please)?

set-register isn't an interactive function, i.e. you can't call
it via M-x or through a keybinding.  The Emacs manual describes
how to use registers in far more detail than I ever could, see
the Info node "(emacs)Registers", you can get there by evaluating
(Info-goto-node "(emacs)Registers") in Emacs.

lawrence mitchell <address@hidden>

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