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Re: sml-mode error

From: Jaime H . Barrera
Subject: Re: sml-mode error
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 23:38:52 -0400

In article <address@hidden>, says...
> >>>>> "jhb9149" == jhb9149  <address@hidden> writes:
> > I get the error file mode specification error: (void variable
> > bad-style-face) while trying to open a sml program.  I am running
> > xemacs 21.1 on windows 2000 machine.  Can anyone help me?  Oh, and
> > below is the traceback.
> XEmacs questions should be directed to comp.emacs.xemacs rather
> than here which is an Emacs-specific group.
> I'm the maintainer of "SML mode", but I must say that your backtrace
> makes me think this is a very old version of the sml-mode (before my time).
> I know that there is an sml-mode package for XEmacs using the very
> latest code, so try it out.
>         Stefan
Right, thanks for the tip about posting, unfortunately I just posted 
another question that I hope you can forgive.  I will be posting it to 
the appropriate newsgroup.  As per your remark, you were right about the 
code being old, I used a more recent version of sml-mode and it worked 
like a charm.  Thanks.

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