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Re: Beginners question

From: Edward M. Reingold
Subject: Re: Beginners question
Date: 10 Sep 2002 19:18:53 -0500

>>>>> "AS" == Alan Shutko <address@hidden> writes:

    AS> I do believe the Ed Reingold (one of the authors of that file) follows
    AS> this group occasionally, so you may get the official answer
    AS> eventually.  It will probably be a day or two before you see any
    AS> response from him... I don't think he wastes as much time here as some
    AS> of us.  8^)

I do follow the group, and probably waste as much time as anybody else!  The
official answer is (in the case of the Mayan calendar), that Stewart Clamen
sent me code!  I liked it, so I polished it and incorporated it into the
calendar package.

    AS> You might also find
    AS> informative.

A better site is


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