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Re: diary entry to count

From: Edward M. Reingold
Subject: Re: diary entry to count
Date: 09 Sep 2002 19:56:09 -0500

>>>>> "RK" == Raimund Kohl <address@hidden> writes:

   RK> that it would have been. I am looking for calender/diary telling me
    RK> (e.g.)

    RK>     1st of Sept - Discourse No 1

    RK> or later

    RK>     1st of Nov - Discourse No 3

Oh--I misunderstood.  use

   %%(diary-first-of-month 20 9 2002) Discourse No %d

for 20 months starting October 1, 2002, where you have the following in your

(defun diary-first-of-month (n month year)
  "Cycle diary entry.
Entry applies on the first of the month for N months starting MONTH, DAY, YEAR.
ENTRY can contain `%d' or `%d%s'; the %d will be replaced by the number of
months since MONTH 1, YEAR and the %s will be replaced by the ordinal ending
of that number (that is, `st', `nd', `rd' or `th', as appropriate."
  (let* ((cycle (+ 1 (* 12 (- (extract-calendar-year date) year))
                   (- (extract-calendar-month date) month))))
    (if (and (= (extract-calendar-day date) 1)
             (< 0 cycle)
             (<= cycle n))
        (format entry cycle (diary-ordinal-suffix cycle)))))


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