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Re: Opening remote files through proxy gateway

From: Eric Marsden
Subject: Re: Opening remote files through proxy gateway
Date: Mon, 09 Sep 2002 11:35:18 +0200
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>>>>> "in8" == int 80h <address@hidden> writes:

  in8> I talked to the sysadmin and he told do this instead:
  in8> 1) ftp to the proxy gateway machine PROXY
  in8> 2) type address@hidden@REMOTE
  in8> 3) type address@hidden

that sounds pretty convoluted!

Ange-ftp doesn't include any builtin functionality to do this. You
could try to use an ftp client program that is able to send this
password information transparently. The alternative is to modify the
function ange-ftp-smart-login in ange-ftp.el to do what you want.

Eric Marsden                          <URL:>

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