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text-mode tab questions

From: mike hardy
Subject: text-mode tab questions
Date: Mon, 09 Sep 2002 00:38:33 GMT
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Howdy -

I use text-mode where the default binding for tab is indent-relative
(according to Info).  But I only like indent-relative once (following
<cr>) and would like to have tab key thereafter use tab-to-tab-stop to
EOL.  Can this be done such that all I have to do is hit tab key and 'it'
figures out when to go into tab-to-tab-stop mode?

Also, I think I'd like to start using untabify on a text buffer when I
save it.  How can I do this so that C-x C-s invokes that automatically so
that I don't have to remember (or maybe there's already something to do



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